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Baldacci Portugal, S.A. has its own manufacturing unit, with capacity installed to produce Medicines, Cosmetic Products and Body Hygiene and Food Supplements.
The factory follows a strict Quality Assurance System that allows comply with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices and recommendations from European Guidelines applicable to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Therefore, it is approved by the competent authority – Infarmed I.P, for production of non-sterile, semi-solid and liquid forms.
Such measures guarantee the production of products in accordance with the company's quality management system, ensuring the consumer the better-quality standards.

Produção de medicamentos nas nossas instalações
Medicamentos produzidos nas nossas instalações

The Quality Control department has a qualified team and equipment for the analysis of active substances and excipients, packaging materials, control in the manufacturing process and control of the finished product.

The Production department is able to carry out packaging operations in accordance with the relevant instructions and using the specified materials.

Production of Liquid Forms
Liquid dosage forms are used in various specialties and situations such as pediatrics and early phase clinical trials, for example. Our technical and analytical teams have the experience to manufacture and package a wide variety of liquid products, including solutions, suspensions and syrups.

Production of Semi-Solid Forms
Semi-solid dosage forms are mainly represented ointments, creams and gels, which are mainly intended for topical application. At Baldacci, different shapes are produced pharmaceutical cosmetics and medicine, presented in tubes or bottles of different dimensions.

Equipamentos destinados à produção e controlo de qualidade dos medicamentos

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